About the Aviation Management Society

This Registered Student Organization at SIU Carbondale is specifically designed for people who have an interest in aviation and desire to learn more. AMS provides many opportunities to get involved in many exciting ways through field trips, special events, and enthusiastic weekly meetings. There is no prerequesite to become a member; any SIU student is welcome to join!  For a small membership fee, you will be granted access to the world of aviation. Along the way you might run into some contacts who could get you your dream job, which could end up changing your future. Our goal is to inform our members about all things aviation, and broaden their horizons for many years to come.

Here Are Some Images Showing What We Do

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President - Sydney Reijmer



Vice President -  Sarah O'Connor 



Treasurer - Meadow Boden



Secretary - Riley Conroy 



Webmaster - Josh Weyers 


Career Fair Coordinators - Anthony Georgen



                                                 - Andrew Cespedes


Banquet Coordinators - Katie Banasiak



                                            - Erika Wakaizumi



Merchandise Coordinator - Christian Bialek


Field Trip Coordinator -  Elliott Pritchett


Our 2019 Members

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